Do you have in your workshop machines or installations, which need to have a reparation or revision ?

Your team of maintenance is overloaded or in reason of troubles your production impaired or shut down?

We are coming for maintenance, reparations, revisions, problems resolves, periodical services, montage, disassembly and removal tools machines and installations of productions. in your factory as we are a dynamic team, which has specialized since 1980 in manufacture, modernisation and technical maintenance or tooling in our factory even large dimensions.

• Revision, correction of –machine tools, retrofit, geometrical revisions
• Bed ways grinding, surface grinding  4000 x 1800 x 1200
• Cylindrical grinding, internal grinding and honing  385 x 1300
• CNC milling and drilling horizontal  2200 x 1840 x 900
• CNC milling machine vertical 1560 x 680 x 800
• Portal milling machine  3500 x 2000 x 1200
• Sinus table  3000 x 500
• Lathes  Ø 1200   l.3000
• Spare parts: procurement, rebuild, regenerate and modification
• Modernisation of machines, retrofit, rebuild of CNC machining centres
• Spear parts rebuild with powder application welding Rototec and Eutalloy.
• Reparation of gripped or damaged bed ways, than grinding on bed way grinding machine
• Complete service in the electric and electronic group.
• Spindle cone finishing with mobile grinding head and coordinate table.
• Scraping, stratification of slydeways
• Spindle milling and grinding with mobile high frequency.
• Trading of used tools-machines.
Please contact us for a good teamwork together and we will help you with our high-specialised competence.

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